I had been wanting to get Kinfolk magazine for a long time now, but its rare that I buy something other than supplies for the shop or the occasional pair of shoes. It is kind of pricey so I held off for a long time. I kept seeing pictures of it in the blogosphere so finally I got this newest issue. The entire issue is about how to enjoy your days off and just be.

I have always been the type that appreciates making things from scratch, and doing things with minimal technology. A relaxing evening making homemade pasta, planning a party for friends, painting, or going for a walk. But its rare I do any of these things anymore. I would always look at  people on the bus or out walking with their phones glued to their hand and I would wonder if they can't just be satisfied being alone with their thoughts. No one talks to each other anymore and if they do its odd. I have become one of these people incessantly checking their email,and  taking photos at every opportunity, its like I am never content just being. I am not living and enjoying the moment, I am trying to capture it on film, or my mind is focused on the steady stream of ideas flowing into my head. I always compare this feeling like going to a buffet and wanting to pile everything on your plate because you are so excited and want it all now, instead of taking a small plate and going back if you are hungry. I want to take all my ideas and make them happen...NOW. I have so many things I am doing all at once it is never ending.

I never relax. People are under the assumption since I work from home I must have lots of time to relax, do yoga, go on walks, oaf around but I laugh because its totally the opposite. I am an artist... I dont work on schedules. I do things as they come, and my mind never stops. I literally am thinking about my work ALL DAY. Other people have the luxury of separating their work life from their home life. That is near impossible for me. I wish I could have a studio where I could go and work then come home. I more often than not work alone instead of hanging out with friends because I have no time. Weekends don't exist in my world. Reading this new issue is teaching me to relax. Not only do I have high levels of anxiety as it is, but mixed with my coffee addiction and constant need to create I feel like I am going to implode sometimes.

I am learning to take time for myself. Its not a waste of time. It is much needed. I need to take a break and read a magazine, or take a long bath. Go out for a walk, or stretch and do yoga if even for 15 minutes. No one can function at such a high level of alertness. I need to turn off my phone on the weekends, and just do things I enjoy! Go for a long drive into the desert, or go to a farm stand and have a picnic. OAF AROUND! This is what I need! How do you guys relax? Are you able to separate your weekends from the working week?