I have been collaborating with Skana Spa at Turning Stone Resort located in upstate New York. We wanted to create something that not only uses traditional fall scents but that addresses skin issues as the weather turns colder. We came up with a cleanser that is perfect for fall! It just started cooling down here, foggy cold mornings are coming around again and chilly autumn nights are replacing sweltering hot evenings. Nothing says fall to me more than pumpkin. I love pumpkin in everything; coffee, bagels, ice cream, dessert, soups, and hey why not in a facial cleanser? The best part is this recipe is vegan. I suppose it can be made raw also if you pureed the pumpkin uncooked! 


1 Tbsp coconut yogurt
1 Tbsp pumpkin puree (organic if you can find it!)
1 Tbsp olive oil (but coconut would work well also)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg

Coconut: is full of vitamins, amino acids and fats that are super moisturizing for the skin. Coconut oil is literally used for every beauty product these days from hair conditioner to face scrubs to foot treatments. Coconut yogurt has the benefit of coming in a creamier more substantial form which is more easily applied to the face. Plus its yummy on its own!

Olive oil: Another great moisturizer. It is easily absorbed into the skin and is full of antioxidants and vitamin E.  Adding oil to your face products also signals your skin to stop producing oil. So if you suffer from oily, acne prone skin, putting oil on your face actually decreases oil production because it signals your skin that there is already enough oil and no more needs to be made. 

Pumpkin: is chalked full of enzymes, vitamin A and vitamin E to keep your skin soft and bright. It is also full of zinc which helps control oil production. Adding pumpkin to your facial routine helps brighten up dull or aging skin. Keep a summer glow even during the colder fall months!

Cinnamon: is known for its antimicrobial properties. It helps keep bacteria at bay when used in a cleanser. It also stimulates blood flow which helps oxygen come to the surface and to help with acne. Research even shows that just the smelling cinnamon helps boost brain function. Bonus!

Nutmeg: helps unclog pores and fight blackheads. It is anti-inflammatory so it helps reduce redness and puffiness in the face. Great to use right when you wake up!

Simply mix up all the ingredients in a small bowl, and use right away. It will keep for a few days in the fridge if you keep a lid on it. Use the leftover pumpkin puree, and spices to make a pumpkin spice syrup for your lattes!  Then use the extra yogurt to make a smoothie! Instant spa day!

To use this, simply rinse your face, pat it dry then apply the cleanser all over. The cinnamon and nutmeg will give you a gentle scrub as you rub it on. Leave on for a couple minutes and rinse off. Get ready for gorgeous, glowing skin!