DIY Honey & Lemon Face Scrub

I use lemon for pretty much everything. Lemon slices in water, squeezed lemon in blueberry mojitos, lemon in salad get the idea. I am lucky enough to have a Mexican lemon tree in my backyard. They are similar in taste to a regular green lime but are smaller, have a very thin skin, and are yellow when they are ripe. I grew up thinking that I was drinking lemonade when in reality it was limeade. I recently discovered an unused lemon tree in the neighborhood that borders on someones yard so technically I might have liberated these, but hey they were just going to fall off the tree and rot! Lemons are kind of expensive in the grocery store, but almost everyone has a lemon tree in their yard or knows someone who does, so I decided to go with the regular ol yellow lemon.


1/2 c sugar
1/4 c sea salt
1/4 c baking soda (optional)
3 Tbsp honey (add more if using baking soda)
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp lemon juice

  If you want to get technical, I guess vegans aren't supposed to eat honey, but I never really got that. I guess smoking the bees out of hives is some kind of insect torture? I don't particularly like honey, I usually use agave nectar for sweetening purposes, but honey does wonders for your face. Plain old honey can be used as a mask and let me tell you, my face was glowing and so soft. Combine it with a scrub and your face will really be smooth!

You can really add any proportion of the above listed ingredients; substituting more salt than sugar, or all sugar. These only act as the scrubbing  agents and won't affect the magical face glowing powers. The honey is the real magician in this recipe. Honey and lemon both have anti bacterial properties which help clean out your pores and banish acne. You can (optionally) add baking soda to this recipe as well. It has ph balancing properties which help fight acne, as well as scrubbing and pore opening action. (to better clean out your pores of course!) Of course you don't have to have acne to enjoy this scrub, it works wonders for all skin types since it is so mild.

 The lemon zest adds an extra bit of yummy scent, as well as releasing some of its essential oils into the scrub. (a very minute amount) Use this as your daily cleanser. It is much more gentle than store bought scrubs, and is wayyyy cheaper than buying "all natural" scrubs for $10+. Enjoy!