Aquarius Nation Birth Chart

I was so excited when I saw this package in my mailbox yesterday. I had been wanting to get a birth chart from KV from Aquarius Nation for awhile now. I first started watching her full and new moon reports when i saw them on Roots and Feathers. I loved the way in which she shared her message. She was down to earth, very airy (like me), intuitive, and so right on. I was immediately drawn to her readings. I would watch them every two weeks when they came out. This book was so amazing, I can't even express it into words. It was everything I had intuitively, innately felt inside for so long. I almost wish I could give this to everyone I know and say, " see, see this is why I am so blunt, because I care about you, because I want to help you evolve, not because I am mean". There were so many things in that book that I obviously can't share, or really that anyone would want to read, but there are a few things that stood out that are pertinent to my business, and what I want to do moving forward.

Now, I have always felt a duality within my own personality. Sort of half left brained and half right brained. I have always had people tell me I am creative, artistic, spiritual, intuitive, but these things were never valued in my family. I enjoyed being creative, and I knew I had talent but I also always craved (and was pushed) towards more ''intellectual'' scholarly pursuits. I always deeply in my core wanted to be full on, let loose, wildly passionately creative, but felt confused and held back somehow. My chart was pretty much SCREAMING at me that I am an artist, philosopher, spiritual, and intuitive healer over and over again. There are planetary alignments that try and trick me and make me stumble into thinking that this is not my true path, that I can't make money, that I can't do it, I am not good enough, not talented enough but as it turns out this is pretty much my calling.

I had been weighing my options whether I should go for a PhD program after I graduate this upcoming March, or get a masters, or keep working on my business, I was so confused. I felt like I should have life figured out at 26, at least what I want to do. I realize that I need to shed my more "realistic side" that is what is holding me back. I need to let my creative side run free. This is my stumbling block above what my parents, friends, or society has told me. I am pretty much destined to be some kind of healer or artist. Sure I could go for my PhD and spent tens of thousands of dollars, spend another 5 years in school full time, and delve into neuroscience but is that what my heart truly desires or am I just doing it to prove to people that I am smart, not just an "artsy type". But I already know that! I don't need to do that. This chart just basically pushed me in the direction my soul knows is right. I am here to help people, to spread the word, and to be a pioneer in this new age of aquarius.

So for now my plans are to fully concentrate on school until graduation, then dive into my business (because honestly I have been doing it half ass for FAR too long). My rational, logical side was telling me I was wasting my time. I plan on going to natural healing/holistic school next year to learn what I have been longing to learn in real life (outside of books and my own research). I want to start on my path asap, because I have been waiting too long. I can start the life I deserve at 27. There is nothing wrong with that. So what if I dropped out of college at 21, drank a little too much, had a little too much fun, was immature, was irresponsible, got depressed, had panic attacks, and "wasted" many years of my life? It was all a learning experience, a growing process, and I am here now, working on my spiritual path, sober, finishing my B.A in psychology, and figuring out that I am meant to be on this planet to heal others.

I am also working on learning to communicate and express my emotional side, so sorry if this was boring but lets pretend its livejournal circa 2003 ok guys?

oh and if you guys want to get a birth chart head right on over to Aquarius Nation and snag one up, trust me, its worth every penny and much much more.