Mint Chocolate Almond Milk Pops

I have an obsession with popsicles. I like that they are everywhere now. I still remember when I saw a popsicle cart at our local earth day festival here which later turned into a small popsicle shop. San Diego is fairly behind the times when it comes to things like this. I still dream of one day having my own shave ice/ fancy popsicle truck. (or bike with popsicle trailer could be fun too!).

I have decided to start doing recipe posts with the drink version, the popsicle version and perhaps a cocktail using the drink. Since I already posted the mint chocolate milk recipe a few months ago I thought I would show you guys how to make them into pops!


almond milk (soy works well too)
a large handful of mint
chocolate syrup

large bowl
mashing object of some sort (i used a wooden mexican chocolate milk utensil)
immersion blender (optional)
popsicle molds

I used tovolo popsicle molds in the star shape and the ice cream cone shape. I was lucky enough to find these on sale at the end of last summer for about $6 each. Personally I like the traditional more rounded popsicle shaped mold but I have yet to buy those. Measure out how much milk you will need by pouring it into one of your molds times how many molds you have. This way you have no waste. For both molds I used up almost the entire container of milk.

Once you have the milk measured out, pour in your mint and start mashing. You can alternatively use an immersion blender if you want little pieces of mint in your pops. You can also chop them up a bit first then mash it up in the bowl. This is similar to the muddling you would do with the mint for a mojito. It releases the oils into your milk.

Add in about 6-8 large spoonfuls of chocolate syrup. It should be very chocolaty, more so than if you were drinking it straight. Once they freeze the flavor is not as strong as if you were drinking the milk as a beverage.

 Strain the mint out and pour the mixture into your molds. Freeze and enjoy!

 After making these I read that you can add 2 tbsp of vodka to your popsicle mixture so that it doesn't form ice crystals while freezing. This makes for a smoother, less crunchy popsicle. Sean used it while making strawberry basil pops and it worked amazingly! I don't know how the vodka would react with the milk or how it would taste but try it in a few and see the difference in texture.