gem & mineral update

I tend to leave things unfinished on the blog. I just remembered I told you guys I would update you on my hair rinse, and post pictures of the rocks I got for free a few months ago. I have cleaned over half the haul but I have so many left still. I took pictures of the cream of the crop. These are the crystals that I have been bagging, labeling and saving in a box separate from everything else. Some of the pictures don't do the crystals justice. A lot of the opal doesn't show its opalescence and druzy doesn't capture well with a camera phone. I only photographed small bits of the crystals, most of the ones in the pictures besides the larger pieces I have boxes and boxes full of them. I literally have a box full of green tourmaline and crates full of obsidian.

oh and the hair rinse, didnt last. it made my hair feel like straw. I guess its kind of like a detox though you have to get used to it first. Honestly my hair is too damaged from dye and bleach to switch to no shampoo right now but for you natural ladies I would still consider trying it!