Kern River


So its becoming sort of a tradition to go to the river for Sean's birthday. Its usually super crowded and hard to find camping spots but this year we went in the middle of the week. Blissfully silent, empty and there were lots of spots to chose from! I managed to instagram a few photos with the spotty service out in the mountains so some of you might have seen already but I took lots of pictures.

We decided to camp one night and stay at a hotel the second night. Boy am I glad we stayed at a hotel. We found an amazing campsite the first night tucked away right on the river with a rope to swing into the river, and the river branched off into two parts so it calm and there was a little island in the middle we could walk to. It was literally a perfect campsite. At about 4 in the morning I heard the cooler knock over. The cooler with all our food, wine, beer and ice had to be about 30-40 lbs. I knew it wasn't a racoons (but maybe a pack of racoons?) I heard a deep breathing sound and I knew it was a bear. A bear was chomping through our food and it ate the cake I had made. It walked around our tent and left after about 10 minutes. I have never seen a bear in real life, and I wish it had been daytime but alas our food was eaten and I was half afraid to ever go camping again.

We spent the rest of the time swimming, jumping off rocks, tubing and Sean did a little fishing. I wish we could have stayed longer but next time we are going to bring lots of friends, and I already have my eye on a huge 4 person raft to lounge around on and tube down the river.