full moon in aquarius

Tonight is our night my aquarian sisters! Supermoon aquarian magic is in our midst.

 Its been awhile since my last post and I apologize. I have not really had much to say these past few weeks. I have been having some medical problems as of late and so I have been pretty much been lying in bed bored out of my mind. I am not one for sharing too much about my personal life but I suffer from ovarian cysts and with that comes a lot of pain. I went on birth control last year and it went away. I stopped because I was super moody, cried literally everyday and was started to feel depressed. About two weeks ago the pain came on again full force. It could be a one time monthly thing or sigh it could be back again. I hate taking medicine and the thought of messing with my hormones all over again is terrifying. I also hit my head really hard the other day so back in bed dizzy and in pain has led to lots of tv watching and moping. When they took my blood at the hospital I found out I was anemic. Quite honestly I am surprised that I haven't gotten it already. I have been vegan/vegetarian since I was 15, and besides in my early 20's never really ate all that healthy. (I love candy and snacks). While it is a more mild case, I am starting to take iron supplements and am going to start eating a lot more high vibrational raw fruits and vegetables. Supposedly dried apricots and figs work wonders for anemia. After I level out my iron levels with the supplements I am going to make a daily habit of eating more dried fruit (and healthy vegan food of course).

Tonight is the supermoon in 1 degree aquarius. I made a crystal grid for abundance and did some rituals this evening. I also have all of my crystals outside to bathe under this gorgeous bright moon light tonight. (yes even my HUGE rock haul I got off craigslist).

Earlier today I was cleaning some of my crystals outside and two butterflies flew around me for about 30 seconds. I held out my hand and one of the butterflies circled my hand so close as if it was going to land for about 10 seconds and flew off. Mariposa magic! My butterfly friends are with me (and I just found out my best friend is a butterfly totem so my aquarius sister was with me today!)

I also found out today about the Aquarius Nation Our Embrace group. It is only $11.11 to join and as a plus you get a new moon affirmation book from KV. There will be astrology classes, shamanic journeying, yoga, special member perks and early access to all of KV's lunar videos. I am super excited about being part of aquarius nation. I signed up right when I found out this morning. I am already trying to get my best friend, boyfriend and a few close friends to join. I hope to see some of you in the group as well! I hope you all have a wonderful supermoon what ever it is you may be doing! xoxoxo