Pool Daze

It is SO hot here in Southern California. It is currently 98 degrees here and while I was driving further east it was 103. UGH. If you know me well, you know that I hate hot weather. I feel ill and I am forced to drink excess water which if you also know me you know I hate to drink water. Yes I know I am a freak. Or an alien from a very cold planet. I have spent the past 3 days just lounging by the pool, making my boyfriend margaritas and playing pool volleyball. I have barely wanted to move all week so I have been lagging on blogging, working, or instagraming, so this week I only have a few pictures to share. I feel like every post has been daisy related. I had so many daisies left over so I made myself a daisy crown. I wish I could take outfit pictures but to be honest its just too ******* hot! Not in the mood to look cute.

Hopefully it cools down so I can start blogging more. I am planning a trip to either Palm Springs or the Kern River for Sean's birthday. Surprisingly its not supposed to be as hot this year as last year at the river. So I am leaning towards that because even though theres AC and pools in Palm Springs I dont think shopping, or hiking or anything else can take place in 118 degree weather. Plus I love the river! I just got a brand new swim suit and am planing our trip so look forward to lots of river photos in the coming weeks! Does anyone have any good river or swimming hole suggestions in Southern California? I want to take a river/ rock hounding trip up to the Yuba in the early fall but I want to go on some more local trips this summer. Any ideas would be helpful!

1. desert bar at nieces party | 2. my pair of shorts I am working on | 3. giant margarita with limes | 4. new necklaces for sorcery | 5. pool volleyball | 6. daisy crown relaxing by pool