Guest Post : Marissa Moondaughter & Her Crystal Altars

Hi everyone! Ally and I have a love for crystals so I am excited to share with you some of my own! These are two crystal altars I have in my home right now.

The first one is my moon altar. Selenite, moonstone, labradorite and amethyst are my go to moon crystals for intuition, lunar, dreamy qualities and honoring my own ebb and flow. I also included celestite and ocean jasper - they are just so soothing to me. Most altars of mine revolve around crystal energies. I can't help it! Crystals are just so awesome :)

This next little altar revolves around love of course. I love rose quartz - it's such a loving and healing stone. I love roses too.  Pink mangano calcite also helps to bring tender love and compassion. I put this little altar in the right corner of my room according to Feng Shui and Bagua Map.

When I am not using my stones I keep them in a basket. I actually need to get more because my collection is growing! Each Full Moon I do a massive stone clearing under the moonlight and the baskets really great for transportation. I also cleanse my stones that I am currently working with under the New Moon energy as well.

I recently just sent in my written test to become a certified crystal healer! I completely believe in the healing power of crystals because I know from my own experience they have helped me tremendously. I will be offering crystal healing session on my new and improved website, Moondaughter, launching on the New Moon of June 8th! I hope to see you all there!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little peak of my crystal collection! I would love to see yours! Feel free to post pictures on my Moondaughter Facebook Page or Ally's Aquarian Soul Facebook page!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter