Daisy Party

Yesterday was my niece's 1st birthday! Well really I think she would be considered my second cousin? But in Latin cultures my cousin's baby is considered my niece plus I am an only child so technically I would never have a niece of nephew...

It was a beautiful day perfect for swimming and lemonade drinking. It was mostly adults so I made margaritas which matched wonderfully with the daisy theme. Everyone knows I am obsessed with Martha Stewart and party planing, decorating etc so this was my chance to decorate however I wanted. I thought a simple daisy theme would be perfect, not too girly and the flower theme goes well with a June birthday. I think it turned out really well (and usually I am hard on myself, but I am learning to be more relaxed). Here are some of the pictures I took with my camera and my phone.

(oh and yes i realize i spelled dessert desert. ugh what an oaf)