52 Lists Week 21

This week was another slow week on the blogging front. Its hard to juggle 3 businesses that pretty much only require creative work. I spent most of the week photographing jewelry, doing a lookbook, editing photos, fabric shopping, sewing samples and trying out new dyes. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen the beautiful results of my first dye-ing experience! I will be posting the photos tomorrow.

 For now I am trying to get back into the swing of things with a post on 52 lists. This week was "List Your Favorite Songs". Lists like this are hard for me because I am terrible at remembering. I basically went through my itunes and selected a few of my favorite songs from the music I have on my computer. To be honest most of these favorites are from my late teens/early twenties. Now I am more into surf rock, horror surf, blues, du wop, 90's DANCE MUSIC!!... and occasionally some of my favorites. Most music on this list is more nostalgic than anything. What am I if not nostalgic? I love looking at old pictures, and listening to music definitely brings me back to a different time. I am kind of stubborn when it comes to new music unless I stumble upon it. My favorites will always be tool, dead kennedys, yeah yeah yeahs, a lot of hip hop and trip hop.... my tastes vary quite a bit really so really this list should be pages long but I forget. Like Bjork, she is amazing and I saw her at coachella many years ago (before it was so expensive!) but I rarely listen to her anymore until I happen to be in the mood.

I will always have a place in my heart for radiohead, mars volta, cursive, modest mouse, at the drive in, smashing pumpkins, air, the smiths, broken social scene, belle and sebastian, metric, death cab for cutie, le tigre etc.... even though I dont listen to anymore they made up most of my life up until now!

Are you guys still doing the lists? I am really enjoying it so far!