My Week in Instagram Photos

Hello! I feel like I have been MIA for this whole week besides the giveaway. I literally haven't been on my computer in like 4 days. I have a few extra photos this week that I took today because my best friend is in town! She is visiting from New York, and we went on a desert adventure, with Sean! We went thrifting, had a picnic, did a little crystal shopping, bought some jewelry, drove through the beautiful (and hot!) desert and went to salvation mountain! We have all been wanting to go for a long time, and since it is not that far away today was our chance! It was around 110 degrees outside!

I also missed this weeks 52 lists which was people who I admire. To be honest I did half of the list but it looked too barren so I will just list it here. Basically it consists of Martha Stewart, Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, Dan McDonald "the life regenerator", and the rest were a series of feminists, and  people who follow their own rules and dont give a fuck. Martha Stewart is pretty much my idol. She has built a brand based on immaculately created recipes, books, craft supplies, and housewares. I have watched her cooking shows since I was a kid, read her biography, and bought several of her books. She is such an inspiration to me. I am a perfectionist and I feel like she embodies the perfect everything a crafty lady would want.  The other two are 2 youtube raw vegans who I started watching a few years ago. They have brought a lot of inspiration and motivation into my life to get healthy and be myself. I really admire people who  are themselves without any care to what anyone thinks. Watch Dan's dancing videos and you will know what I mean.

1. beautiful climbing roses in yard | 2. the most amazing juice (recipe coming soon) | 3. my cactus is blooming | 4. putting all my herbs into jars | 5. a reading from the amazing Marissa Moondaughter | 6. My bath soaks/teas all packaged up | 7. giveaway | 8. beautiful lavender colored rose from Sean | 9. the beginnings of a new series of macrame dreamcatchers | 10. the finished product | 11. my beautiful kitty | 12. some goods for sorcery | 13. salvation mountain! | 14. lyndsey my coven soul sister | 15. lyndsey inside the mountain!

I will announce the winner of the giveaway on Monday morning!