Juice Recipe

I mentioned in my last update post about my admiration for Kristina Carrillio Bucaram from Rawfully Organic in Houston. I started watching her raw vegan videos on YouTube about a year and a half ago. I found her after I started really getting into the idea of being raw vegan full time not just a detox here and there. Her story is really inspirational. She was constantly sick, in and out of the hospital for years until she met a man in whole foods who started talking to her about raw foods, and from that day forward she became raw. She ate nothing but peaches for 2 weeks straight. She never went back to the doctor, and when she needed her medical records they had no recollection of her; her medical record was gone! She had not been to the doctor in 7 years. She is  probably the most joyous, vibrant, happy, person I have ever seen. It just oozes from her core being. It brightens up my day watching her passion for raw foods. She also does a lot of inspirational videos for people on the path to starting a raw food journey. Her story is truly a testament to the power of raw living foods!

She posted a recipe on facebook a few weeks ago and I decided to try it. The juice is a vibrant deep pink color. Its called a red juice, but I tweaked it a little and it turned the most gorgeous pink ever. This was almost too good to drink. This is by far the most delicious juice I have ever made. Here is the recipe.


4 apples
1 beet
4 carrots
8 strawberries
3 oranges


Juice everything but the oranges in your juicer. Use a citrus juicer (or squeeze by hand) to juice the oranges. Mix the two juices together, stir and enjoy!!


and if you guys are interested, I got my glass straw from Many Mini's on etsy. I love my straw, and I use it with everything! Makes things so much more fun to sip on. I believe I purchased the 9 inch straw which fits perfectly into a 32 oz jar!