Gem & Mineral Mega Haul

For those of you who don't follow me on instagram or twitter, yesterday I found an ad online advertising a free rock collection. I wasn't expecting much but we got tons of boxes full of unknown, dusty, dirty old rocks. The people who were giving it away had no use for them and just wanted to get rid of them. There was also a huge stack of perfectly preserved 1970s gemstone magazines still in their paper envelopes. As we were driving home I wanted to check out the magazines. The first magazine I pulled out had a gecko sitting on a mushroom on the cover with my birthday on it. It was like it was meant to be! (I call my bf gecko, and we both love mushrooms!) We both had no clue what lay inside these old boxes, but we noticed the gentleman's name who was the previous owner was on all the magazines. He left his entire lifetime collection of rocks sitting in his backyard and we were the new owners. I felt so lucky to have them. He had a few letters tucked away inside one of the magazines complaining to the magazine how something he ordered had not arrived. His writing style was so like mine, he was so sarcastic I just felt so happy that we now own his rocks.

This morning I woke up early, made some jewelry and set the rest of the morning aside to clean and sort through the rocks. Of course I only got through one of the smaller boxes, there is just way too much for one day. There was tons of green tourmaline, some common opal, pyrite, amazonite, quartz, agate slices, amethyst, kyanite, fossils and so much more. So many of the rocks that I thought were just junk were just dusty (who knows how long they lay abandoned outside). As soon as I washed them off they revealed their true colors; beautiful deep blues, bright metallic silver, and lavender. I was about to dump a rock in the sex rock pile (just another fucking rock)... rock hounding humor ha ha but when i dipped it in water it revealed itself. It was a big smokey quartz point!!

A lot of the agate slices looked like practice pieces. From the magazine I gathered that he was from San Diego or Colorado but definately ended up back in San Diego near the end of his life. He must have been part of the gem and mineral society since so many of his pieces are cut for practice, and a few of them were even tumbled. I feel connected to him in some way, and I feel honored that I am able to clean and renew his crystals back to their original condition. A lot of it is still in its raw form, with labels carefully placed and smaller bits in tiny containers. I plan to take them to the society and have them looked at and perhaps take some classes (which I have yet to do even though I have been a member for years) so I can cut and polish them to perfection.

On this full moon I honor your life and spirit, and thank you for all of your hard earned gems and minerals I will take good care of them.

(oh and did i mention this is only half of the load? we still have to go back for the rest) I will be posting the rest of the pictures soon. I hope to get it all done within the next 2 weeks