I dont know who found who first but I am so elated that I am friends with Ginger from the blog East80. I am so happy we found each other through this blogosphere! Ginger feels like a friend I would have grown up with if we lived in the same city that is! We have so much in common and I have never met anyone who is kind of balanced in both the more science-y and metaphysical stuff like I am. (even though she is more science-y than me) I think perhaps the fact that we are exact opposites on the astrological wheel makes us such good friends. Who knew a Leo and an Aquarius would turn out to be so compatible?

We teamed up to bring you this awesome giveaway! This giveaway was a collaboration between the two of us. Since we are both into digging up our own crystals, we both have smudge sticks in our etsy shops, and both offer crystal bracelets we decided to put together this friendship giveaway for you guys. The winner will receive both of these sets. The first set comes from Ginger and includes a sodalite/leather friendship bracelet, a mini ceder smudge stick, and a ton of garnets she got from her area. The second set comes from me and it includes a rhodochrosite wish bracelet (friendship bracelet), a mini california sage bundle and a rainbow quartz crystal from the desert I got this past winter. You win both sets, you keep one and give the other to a very special friend!

how to enter: Follow both East80 and Aquarian Soul via bloglovin as a mandatory part of the entry and leave a comment below telling us who you would give your prize to and why. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday June 3rd and will be announced here. Winner will be emailed Monday.  Good luck!! Enter below

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