DIY Hair Rinse

I originally got this idea from my mom. She would always tell me how when she was young her mother would wash her hair with crushed herbs in the river. People would always ask how her hair was so shiny and it was from all natural, herbal shampoo! I've been seeing a lot of these recipes for hair rinse on pinterest and on other blogs. I found this recipe on the Mountain Rose Herb blog. It explains that you hair needs a few weeks to get used to the hair rinse. Your hair, just like your face produces more oil when you strip it away with harsh cleansers. So when you stop using regular shampoo your hair still continues to produce a lot of oil preparing for the shampoo to wash it away. But it also says its worth the wait. And you only need to use it once a week. I will be using this hair rinse for a few weeks and keeping you guys updated on whats going on with my hair!

Rose & Chamomile Hair Rinse

1.5 c of chamomile tea (very strong)
1 c of rose tea (very strong)
1 Tbsp baking soda

There is also two other recipes on the Mountain Rose Herb blog with rosemary & cocoa nibs (for dark hair) and nettle leaf & lavender essential oil. I was about to make the dark hair recipe...I keep forgetting I have red hair! This recipe is supposed to be good for lighter hair and for making highlights stand out in darker hair. 


either let soak for 5 minutes in hair, or use the two bowl method. let hair hang over bowl and pour over your entire head, letting it drain into bowl. pour that bowl over your head into the second bowl, alternating bowls until your hair feels clean. rinse with cool water and let air dry!

I am looking forward to shiny healthy hair! And I realize that i use chemicals on my hair to dye it which probably messes up the PH and is highly damaging but I have to work on that. I really dont like my boring brown hair....