52 Lists Week 19

This week's 52 lists was a nice change. It focused more on the outside, and how people view you rather than the inner workings. I feel like I have been told I am cold, too honest, and distant my whole life. Its funny because I am really warm hearted, sensitive, and would do anything to help someone at the drop of a hat. I wish people could see what I am really like on the inside. Also, everyone always sees me as the creative, artsy type but really I just chose to be like that. I am a pretty balanced person, and could be (almost) equally as logical, analytical, and business minded but that just doesn't call out to me or inspire me. I am always secretly jealous of people who can just be totally intuitive and spiritual all the time, because thats how I am on the inside but I don't present myself in that way. (if that makes sense?) I think it's because I am a lot more masculine than feminine. A lot of  my blogger friends are so in touch with their feminine energy, and speak of sisterhood and moon cycles when I wish I could feel the same way. (I do in a way but not completely) Aquarius's are so strange and I wish people would take me more seriously, and see me as a intuitive creative type but also someone who is articulate and capable of doing anything. I want to move from being extreme into a more balanced state. I constantly am fighting to do this.