My Week in Instagram Photos

Here is my week in instagram photos!I know I said I was going to do a recipe or DIY post, but I honestly have been really busy. I am FOR SURE going to photograph the mint choco almond milk recipe this weekend. I also have been preparing for the launch of EARTH OILS! I have them all completely finished, I even made a roll on headache oil with crystals. I get migraines so this oil has worked for me for many years after I decided to stop taking pain killers for it. Not as if the pain killers really worked anyhow. So enjoy these pictures, follow me on instagram if you like, and  I will be posting a recipe this weekend or monday!

1. a very amusing shirt i picked out for my bf on asos || 2. some crystals I am leather wrapping for the shop || 3. sewing my favorite patch on my denim jacket || 4. a preview of my ootd post || 5. a cup of spicy mexican coffee on easter || 6. my kitty rubbing all over my rose quartz || 7. raw tabbuleh i made using cauliflower || 8. my new headache oils!! || 9. a butterfly wing found in my yard || 10. a delicious margarita made by me (but not drank) || 11. the headache oil in progress || 12. kale salad with raw lemon tahini dressing