Curiosities in the Home of Ginger of East80

I am excited this week to bring you the curiosities in the home of Ginger from the blog East80. We started chatting awhile ago about how we are both going back to school in our mid twenties, and we discovered our mutual love (obsession?) for crystals. She is studying geology, and gets to go on lots of amazing field trips and see lots of mines. I am so jealous of all the pictures she posts! She is one of the rare people that is not only interested in the metaphysical properties or crystals but also the structural shape and the science behind it. She also has a lovely shop over on etsy by the same name, where she sells natural beauty products, pine & ceder smudge sticks, gorgeous gemstone bracelets and original watercolor paintings of crystals.

We have so many shared interests even though we live on opposite ends of the country! I love her use of recycled products in her shop, and she has some of the nicest packaging I have seen on etsy! She uses sacred geometry in all her labels for her beauty products which ties in the theme of her whole shop together.

I am so happy to be able to share her pictures with everyone today. We have a lot more collaborations up our sleeves, and i will be posting about them soon!