52 Lists || Week 15

This week's 52 lists was kind of hard for me. As a teenager I would write down inspiring quotes all the time. I would even write down all the funny things my friends said in a little notebook and I would always have a notebook in my bag for that purpose. For some reason its hard to remember quotes that I like so I had to compile some from searching online and some from memory. This is not nearly a complete list  of my favorite quotes, but you will get the gist of it from this list.

and one of my favorite long quotes is too long to write down so I made a poster out of it.


I have also been working on a new series of agate & amethyst bracelets with the chain I bought last week. I only bought a small quantity so these will either be a limited edition series or if the response is good I will buy more chain and make more! There a lot of matching necklaces I am going to make with big pieces of raw quartz and some with the same amethyst and agate. What do you guys think?

AANNDDD I also changed the  packaging for earth oils. i haven't posted the new pictures on etsy because I ordered new light bulbs for my light box and 50% arrived broken so I am waiting for the replacement bulbs to arrive. Lookout for a shop update over the weekend!