52 Lists || Week 14

I loved this week's 52 lists. I was such a strange child. I was always attracted to strange things. I wanted to be a mortician or some kind of morbid thing most of my early childhood. I realized later on in life that the move "My Girl" had deeply impacted me as a child. I had so many of the things that happened in that movie ingrained in my mind. I watched it so many times. I was Veda! I just didn't realize it. Later on when I was in middle school I watched so much food network. I wanted to be a tv chef, and I even filmed countless hours of my own cooking shows with my two best friends. We even made the commercials in between our show. In high school I was very into art, drawing and ceramics I thought I could go to college and be an artist. It turned out that I ended up studying psychology and wanting to be some kind of healer, not so much some doctor who doles out drugs. Then I started getting into making jewelry, and here we are now. I have so many ideas its kind of hard to focus on just one thing. My latest dream is to have a fancy shaved ice and gourmet popsicle truck. The old school kind, not a food truck. It would of course be hot pink with glitter though. Possibly with some paintings of shave ice all over it. I am going to make it happen. San Diego needs this. Desperately. Anyway here is my list.

oh and this week end there was a mega sale over at my local bead warehouse for members. I got a bunch of beads and a few feet of chain. I didn't get too much chain because its not that cheap there but I want to try out a few new designs I have been scheming up for awhile. I will also be posting some new medicine bags on the shop today!