OOTD: Acid Wash & Black

I haven't done any outfit posts recently because I have been feeling a bit uncomfortable taking pictures of myself. Its just something I need to get over. I also feel like its because I haven't been eating healthy and doing much exercise and while I may have been able to get away with that at 21 and stay 115 lbs, at 26 something seems to have slowed down. I am much larger than I have been in my whole life. I know that for my height and normal weight I am a lot bigger than usual. I just want to feel healthy and comfortable no matter what size I am its just a lack of good nutrition lately. And I have no excuses since my boyfriend works at whole foods. Why am I eating pizza and french fries!? I want to start an exercise routine, get back into yoga and go raw finally. I oscillate between vegan/vegetarian and raw and I want to cleanse my body to begin to get back to where I want to be spiritually. I am going to wean off coffee (AHHH) and cut out cheese completely then go raw. Who knows how long it will last, but hopefully it will be the step I need to take to become healthy body mind and soul.

Shirt: Best friends favorite tee we swaped// Shorts: forever21// Over the Knee Socks: Betsey Johnson// Spike necklace: Sorcery// Shoes: Dolce Vita// Lipstick: MAC Media