New Moon in Pisces

Hi guys. Now I never post videos but I was just blown away by a horoscope video that was originally posted on Laura's blog Roots and Feathers. She and Marissa from Moondaughter, KV from Aquarius Nation and Gypsy Moth Sol collaborated to do a Moon Phase report. Of course I loved the whole report, but I was just really astounded at how accurate my horoscope reading was. I had heard of Aquarius Nation but I had never looked the KV's videos. She is so down to earth, personable, and accurate in her reports. Everything was spot on for this month. I just had to share it with you guys so you could look up your own sign and experience the amazing energy and accuracy with which KV reads your specific sign. I am definitely going to be going to her every month for my horoscope.

If you want to check out the Moon Phase report head over to Roots and Feathers. If you want to see your horoscope reading for this month, or the new moon in Pisces report check out Aquarius Nation