My Week in Instagram Posts

I am kind of bad at doing reoccurring posts. I set out to use my blog as a way to give you guys an inside look at what I am making for Aquarian Soul jewelry, and a place to share DIY tips and little bits of my life. I never intended to be a full time blogger, nor do (I think) I want to be since I am highly unorganized when it comes to internet things. I do however want to make this a weekly thing. I love taking pictures on my phone, but I do find it annoying to post pictures on instagram of my every move. I figure every week I will share around 12 pictures which is usually about how many I take a week and thats me trying hard to post a lot so I have enough material for this series.

I spent much of this week catching up on schoolwork, bundling the large load of sage I picked with the help of my friend Ines last weekend, cleaning the house/yard, sewing tarot card bags, and making medicine bags. I have some catching up to do as far as posting new items on etsy goes, its always so tedious and time consuming to post things. I am better at the creating process. Anyway here are my pictures from this week!

OH!, and I forgot to mention the most important thing. I have a LOT of orange flower blossoms in my backyard which smell so intoxicating. good. So I decided to make neroli/orange blossom hydrosol. It came out great so I am going to do a DIY hydrosol post tomorrow and I decided to sell a few limited quantities on Earth Oils once I open the shop (should be soon. EEK!). So be on the lookout for those.