My Week In Instagram Photos

I spent this week mostly procrastinating on studying because the one class I am taking is SO boring. I did however spend that procrastinating time bottling and packaging oils. I was hoping to release the shop on the full moon but it will have to be on the new moon. Hopefully I can get everything packaged up and photographed by then. I also found a hammock in my garage and my boyfriend helped me put it up. It really does look like paradise hanging over the pool like that even though it is tricky to get in and out of it. There were a lot of pretty flowers blooming around the yard, some I never even thought about cutting to put into a vase. So I took a few pictures of the flowers I put inside the house. The roses my mom planted are SO big they open up almost like peonies they are so huge. I also made a few keychains that will be in the shop next week. I know I have been promising on instagram, twitter and on here that I am doing a few DIY posts but  I haven't had much time to take the pictures, but I promise Monday there will be a post. I am thinking it will be a drink recipe. :)