My week in Instagram Photos

I used to reserve instagram for silly photos I would take to share with my close friends. Even though I am a blogger of sorts I am not that fond of social media. I have a facebook but I don't really use it, and I have a vine (which i must admit is addicting), and an instragram that I momentarily opened to the public. I don't quite have it figured out how to be open without being too open. I do want to be able to share my instagram photos with those of you who are not following me on it, and well I made it private again so if you are a like minded soul I am sure I will add you :) I have to find a balance between taking pictures that are relevant to my close friends, and business photos which everyone might like to see, and I have to restrain myself from photographing everything I do which is hard since I pretty much have thousands of random pictures on my phone.

 Here are my photos from this past week.