Curriosities in the Home of: Lulu Michell

I am SO excited this week to share with you the curiosities in the home of my best friend Lulu Michell. We have been best friends for over 20 years.  Distance has separated us since our mid college years, but now she lives even further across the country in New York. She works there as a textile designer and we share an online vintage shop called Sorcery. We have always had a strong connection that has enabled us to be able to run a business together from two opposite ends of the country. We have very similar interests but they manifest themselves in different ways when it comes to style. I always love looking around at her treasures when I visit her. There is always some beautiful handmade item like a glittering pillow, some obscure find from a flea market, and a little area set up with jars full of herbs. I would describe her style as ethereal, esoteric & fun. There is no category that you can properly place an Aquarius, we are one of a kind, and so is Lulu.

I have mentioned in several posts that we run a shop together. It’s a mixture of 90’s pvc creations, vintage floral lingerie, batik dresses, and amazing finds from our thrifting/estate sale adventures all over California and New York. Every time we see each other we go on day long hunts from LA to the desert to find unique pieces for the shop. Today Lulu and I would like to offer Aquarian Soul readers 20% off in the shop with the code: aquarius. Hurry and pick up your favorite item this code will only last until Monday! 

Here are the pictures from Lulu’s New York sanctuary.

I asked Lulu a few questions about her beautiful home.

Where is your favorite place to shop for home goods?

Most of my shopping is done at the Brooklyn flea markets, I love the aesthetics of aged materials.  Vintage markets in New York can be picked over and foolishly pricey so if feels like a huge accomplishment when you find something you like and can actually afford.

What is your favorite item in your home and where did it come from?

My favorite thing is my mirrored-hand ring and necklace holder. My friend brought it back for me from Oaxaca, it's such a good feeling when you realize how well somebody knows you.  I also love the antique wardrobe, I bought it from a German designer who refurbished the wood and replaced the mirrors himself.  

Apartments in New York city aren't know for their size, as an artist how do you stay organized and where do you keep your supplies? 

I had to learn to accept clutter.  A friend of mine made my bed frame and built in shelves underneath for storage, this is where I keep most of my fabric, paints, beads and art supplies.