Around the house

Its been really hot here for the past few days, hot enough to bring out the cushions for the chairs outside and wear shorts and a tank top! This is crazy it feels like summer. I really really hate hot weather but it is nice to be able to sit outside and have ice in my drinks.

So I mentioned I got a new camera lens and I have been taking lots of pictures to test it out. I took a few indoors today and some photos around the house. I have yet to master my macro lens it makes a lot of noises and only focuses on one spot ah I need to practice more but I havent had time. I am looking forward to having a series of upclose crystal pictures as soon as I get a hang of it. I took a some pictures a few months ago but they weren't that great. I love having crystals all over my house but it would be nice to be able to really capture the glittering, shimmering qualities up close. Stay tuned for that!