52 Lists // Week 9

This week on the 52 lists project was "Places you want to go". Now I am very fortunate in that my parents took me to pretty much every continent all throughout my childhood and teen years. I even got to travel to Hawaii with my best friend when I was 15 and to Tokyo with my other best friend when we were 20. So I am so lucky to have been able to travel all over the world already. Of course there are lots of places I still want to go now as an adult, and many places in the US since the only other state I have been to besides all over CA is Oregon oh and Arizona but that was only for gem shows. I went to Oregon when I was 11 when my dad was working there and I fell in love. I loved all the green trees, the rain everyday, and of course the salt water taffy place we went to where I was in heaven. I promised myself that I would go to college in Oregon and move there, which I did apply to in high school but ended up staying here. How funny the way things turn out. Anyway here is my list!

I am sure there are tons more places I couldn't think of, or places I have yet to hear of but there is only so much room on the paper!