52 Lists // Week 12

 This weeks list was "List the things that feel like home". Most of my life I felt quite alien like no where felt like home. Obviously living with my parents as a child felt safe and like home but as an adult I guess I felt home was where ever my close friends or boyfriend at the time was. Sometimes no matter how many people are around or how much you love someone you still can feel alone. I think that's just part of the aquarius experience, we are aliens. Its like earth is a strange place where we are trying to figure out how we belong here when we really don't.

I have lived 90% of my life in San Diego and the other percent in San Francisco and traveling. When I think of home I think of constant sunshine, palm trees, close friends and playing outside at dusk as a child and bbq's in the summertime as an adult. My parents have a lot of Persian rugs from their travels so anytime I see them I immediately think of home. I also grew up eating a lot of middle eastern food since my parents were obsessed with traveling all over that region of the world. I went to a lot of middle eastern markets to pick out fresh feta cheese, picked turnips and pita bread with my dad as a child. I love pickled turnips I should have added that to the list! Also my parents have an amazing yard and I grew up going to this huge nursery that was out in the mountains nearly every weekend to buy plants. I also still talk to and see my best friends that I have had since I was 5 years old so whenever I see them I am home. This was a good list this week and I would love to see everyone else's lists too!