52 Lists // Week 11

I am a little late this week with the 52 lists but I finished it just now. This weeks prompt was "list your essentials". I am a relatively simple person, not very fussy (except when it comes to food) so my essentials list was not too long. I am sure I could have thought of a few more things like my boyfriends mint chocolate almond milk he makes me every night but I kept it simple and just wrote down with what immediately came to mind. I am not a very "girly" woman in that I dont really do my makeup often or spend time on pampering myself, which I really should. I made it my goal to spend more time making my body healthier both by eating right and taking the time to take care of the outside as well. I used to have shower strikes, not shave my legs and not wear deodorant for some time in my college years when I lived in San Francisco. I feel like I still am somewhat childlike when it comes to washing my face properly every night, and things of that nature. I really want to work on taking better care of myself. In fact today I spent a few hours making my own toothpaste and deodorant and I might post a DIY next week if anyone is interested? I've been asking my boyfriend to do a guest post because he always makes the BEST late night chocolate milk! So look out for that next week sometime. For now here is my list for week 11. If you haven't seen the original project head over to Moorea Seal