When you work/study from home its hard to differentiate between weekdays and weekends, everyday is pretty much the same. But this weekend my boyfriend had the whole weekend off which is a rare occurrence. We finally got to go estate sale-ing!! Its been a looooong time since I have done a estate sale post, and its been a long time since I have been to a good sale. I look every weekend and they're usually crappy or run by one of those companies that doesn't haggle and has high prices. I was originally on the hunt for some clothes or goods for Sorcery (if you dont know its a vintage etsy shop run by my best friend and I) but I had no luck with any clothes this time. I did however find a few rolls of macrame cord. I was so excited! I have several books on macrame but I couldnt find any old cording for a good price. I also got some unique color yarns, 60's daisy fabric, a set of indoor gardening books and a mushroom candle. My boyfriend, Sean got this amazing wicker lamp. We have been amassing 60's-70s home goods for a while now for when we move in together.

We also got to go skating which has also been a long while since I got to do. I feel like I have been on house arrest studying for months. We also went to our local bead warehouse so I can get some more gemstone beads for the crystal massage oils. He got some pretty labradorite for his dreamcatchers and I got moonstone, amethyst, turquoise and ruilated quartz. Overall I had a great weekend and I cant wait to scope out next weeks estate sales since I will be done with school for the semester starting tomorrow! Oh and all the bottles came in for the massage oils, and as you can tell by the pictures I also have spray bottles and roll on bottles which I will be working on soon and will let you know what else I have up my sleeve!!

I don't know if you guys can see but I am wearing a clear studded collar. I have been really into this 90s clear/holographic trend probably because I am really nostalgic for my childhood. I am planning on doing a clear DIY post soon. I made clear glitter triangle pouches, a clear clutch and now clear spike collars so I am going to do them all in one DIY post. 

I hope you guys had a good weekend too! Do you guys go estate sale-ing or thrifting? Whats the coolest thing you have found? Let me know if there is anything else in the whole clear plastic trend you would like to see in the DIY!