So I have been tweeting and hinting around on my instagram about a new project I have been working on for over a year now. I finally saved up the money to buy all the supplies. Since I have been waiting and keeping you guys in suspense for awhile now its time to unvail my new project which will be available very soon.....ready?..... here it is....


I have been researching for awhile now gathering up the essential oils, and making the right blends. The crystals will be suited for each type of massage blend I will make. It will be infusing the oil with its energy and healing properties. 

I thought of this because when I used to give massages I would drop a quartz crystal in the container so it would impart its healing essence. This got me thinking that I could put smaller bits of crystals and combine them to maximize the healing. I will also be coming out with a few other products, but this is the one that will be released first. I am not sure yet if I will be adding this on to my existing etsy, or set up a whole new shop all together.  I hope you guys are excited as I am! I cant wait to start mixing and bottling these up!! Let me know what you guys think!! Are there any specific blends you would like to see?