Pinstripe Legs OOTD

I have been buying a lot of shoes lately, and while I was getting ready this morning I got a knock on the door with my package from ASOS. I got these amazing leopard flatforms and these tights so I put them on right away. (I get a little excited with new stuff!) As I was going about my business my cat grabbed onto my tights and ripped a hole in them :-( I was so sad these tights are so amazing. Sigh oh well. So I used my new 50 mm lens on these pictures and the difference is amazing compared to the kit lens the camera came with. I need to figure out how to use it a little bit better and practice but so far they look pretty good!

Shoes- ASOS // Tights- ASOS // Shorts- Kimchi Blue // Shirt- Frenchi // Blazer- Thrifted // Bag- Proud Mary // Hello Kitty iPhone Cover- Ebay