Words to Inspire

I should be studying, but I somehow always find a way to procrastinate...but for a good reason? I had seen Moorea Seal around the interweb before but I never got around to reading her blog until today. I noticed a few other  bloggers had posted their Lists of Words to inspire so I decided to do my own. She her original post here.

I am really good at making lists...and then losing them. I make to do lists, idea lists, small sketches, project ideas, jewelry designs and then i promptly lose them or misplace them. But i thought I would give this list a go. The idea was to be words that inspire, and I guess its a mixture of things I love, I am inspired by or just feel deeply connected to.

This list just reminded me of all the things i SHOULD be doing. Less online shopping, less tv watching, less oafing around. I guess I get into slumps sometimes. I stop blogging, make less jewelry, stop doing yoga, and stop eating right. Its hard being so unbalanced, I need to take all the things I already know and put them into practice.

It also happens to be coming up on my 26th birthday which I am not really looking forward to. In fact I was dreading last years birthday too. Part of me (ok most of me) wants to stay a kid forever. I don't feel like I am where I should be/ want to be in life at this point. I am still in school, in my last few semesters for a degree I realistically should have finished 4 years ago. I'm not the kind of person that follows societal laws on marriage, having kids, and having a "real job" but part of me wants to at least feel somewhat settled down. Part of me feels like I am taking the easy way out making jewelry and selling vintage clothes instead of doing something with my degree? I guess if I were making more money or more productive I would feel like I am at least headed in the right direction?

I have been planing to open a new shop involving crystal infused products which I have had in the works for over a year now. I am gathering supplies, coming up with products, and trying to figure out a name. I look forward to showing everyone very soon hopefully.....