Happy 2013!

Hello everyone. So I feel like I have been absent for so long, I haven't really even had time to look at my regular blogs lately. I thought I would catch up this morning and write a little something. These past few weeks have been busy with family visiting (even more on the way tonight), spending time with good friends, and making presents and celebrating the holidays. How were all of your holidays? What did you guys do for new years?

I don't drink, so I had many friends with parties, or a family party I could have gone to but those options didn't really appeal to me. I spent yesterday having a photoshoot for Sorcery with my best friend Lulu. We spent the night with a case of wine (cranberry juice for me), burritos from my favorite taco shop, my boyfriend and my darling cat. Relaxing and laid back, in fact we all fell asleep just before midnight.

I am leaving this Sunday for Quartzite, AZ!! I am planing on going to Tuscon for the big gem show in Feb, but when I found out Quartzite gem show was in a week I had to go again. This time I already know whats there so I kind of just want to stock up on crystals, jewelry, beads, and jewelry making supplies, and possibly a flute! I am super excited. When I get back I will have to post TONS of pictures. Oh and I got a macro lens from my dad for christmas so I can take lots of amazing upclose crystal pictures. SO EXCITED

Laying out clothes for photoshoot

My boyfriend got me a cotton candy maker for christmas!!

Some christmas presents in the making

I made a keychain for all my aunts

My best friend since Kindergarden and my kitty

A sneak peak into our photoshoot!!

My NYE Dinner

Presents I got from my Coven sister// soulmate