Full Moon Altar

This month I was asked to be part of Marissa's Full moon blog series over at MoonDaughter. She posted some pictures of my full moon altar for this month. I have been obsessed with the occult and witchcraft since I was a little girl. I watched the craft a million times when it first came out, and I re-enacted many of the scenes out in the backyard. I loved the part where they were doing a spell out in the woods and the butterflies flew down and surrounded them. I was always doing making little concoctions and trying to manifest things. I think its something that just came naturally to me.

As an adult I studied Wicca and other forms of magick, and while I can appreciate formal rituals and sabbats  I tend to just do what comes from inside. This month I made an altar with garnet, and aquarius symbols since it is my birthday month. I didn't do any spells, but I read my tarot for my new year in life. I am so excited to be a part of Marissa's full moon series!