52 Lists Week 3 // THINGS I SHOULD BE PROUD OF \\

I LOVE doing these weekly lists with Moorea Seal. These are the only lists that I find myself keeping, and looking over. It is actually therapeutic to sit down and write out things, especially when its about yourself. This week's theme was // LIST THE THINGS YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF\\ If you want to do the weekly lists, or follow along with Moorea check out the 52 lists HERE

And in other news...IM GOING TO TUSCON. Yes thats right, Tuscon is home to the worlds largest gem and mineral show!! I have been wanting to go for years. Since I got the flu when I was supposed to be at Quartzite this year, I am planing on going to Tuscon sometime in the next 2 weeks. I am super excited. They have everything from antique Native American seed beads, turquoise from over 30 mines to crystals, lapidary supplies and they offer free classes. It is a city wide show, so you can drive from show to show, or the last weekend is held at the convention center. I think I would prefer to just go before the end of the show and go to the individual locations. Plus going for a weekend would be hard since I usually have tests on Monday mornings. I cant wait to buy TONS of beads, crystals and cabachons for new jewelry for you guys!! I will make sure to take lots of pictures, and maybe even make a video for youtube! :)