I usually make most of my presents every year. I got a head start this year and made a ton already. In this installment of DIY's I did 3 pom pom presents. A pom pom keychain, a pom pom necklace, and a set of heart pom pom magnets. I got one of those pom pom maker doo dads in a heart shape a few years ago but they never turned out right!. This year I got it out again and learned you have to HEAVILY trim the pom to make it actually look like a heart shape. But its so worth it, they turn out so cute! I hope you guys can try some of these out for Christmas presents, or for yourself! I will be posting more DIY present ideas throughout this month so look out for those!

Pom Pom Magnets

Pom Pom Keychain

Pom Pom Necklace 



Supplies you will need:

How to make the pom pom with the maker. If you buy the pom maker just follow the directions on the package. It took me a few tries but I got it eventually.  Pull out one side of the red tabs and wind the yarn around then cut the yarn and close them back up. Repeat with the other side. Cut the yarn along the sides, inbetween the nubs. Pull the yarn tightly so the cut bits dont fall out. Carefully lift the red tabs open pulling the yarn at the same time to ensure loose yarn doesnt fall out of pom. Pull half of the maker off and pull pom out, tying the top off with a double knot.

Trim! Cut a V shape at a 45 degree angle where the top of the heart is supposed to dip. Because without trimming this looks like an awfully lop sided pom! Then make sure the bottom is pointy looking and trim all over it to make it look more dense, less fluffy. The more yarn you cut off the denser it will be.

Hot glue a small piece of magnet to the back and cut the long piece of yarn off. I got the magnet at Michaels I think...its a larger sheet of magnet that you can snap the pieces off.

Repeat the pom making with as many other colors of yarn that you want. I just made everyone a set
of three colors.


Supplies you will need:

For this I used two of the heart poms, and one large fluffy pom. For the large one cut two circles out of cardboard. Mine is about 4 inches in diameter. Then cut a smaller circle out of the middle about 1.5 inches. Cut a small snippet out of the circle so you can more easily wrap the yarn.

After you wrap the yarn around about 150 times carefully cut inbetween the cardboard and snip the yarn. Take a small length of yarn and jiggle it inbetween the two circles and pull tightly and tie off the yarn. Trim the pom to the desired fluffiness.


Make sure to keep the yarn tail on because this is what you will use to secure the poms to the chain.

Cut three lengths of chain however long you want them to hang. Whatever looks best to you. Tie the poms to the end of the chain and double knot it and snip the tail. Open up the open end of the chain using pliers and hook it on to the keychain part and close it up.

You can use this as an actual keychain or as....

A bag clip! You could really use this to decorate any bag or even an outfit if you are so bold. :)


Supplies you will need:

This one is super simple, fast and all you need is a needle and embroidery floss to hold it together.

I got this pom pom strand from a fabric store awhile ago but had no idea what to do with it. I have seen these necklaces on other DIY blogs and I knew one of my best friends would love this so I made my own version.

Lay the chain over the top part of the pom strand.

Use your first color of floss to secure the chain to the strand. Try to sew straight down the middle so you have room for the other two colors to sit side by side of the first color.

Add the second color....

Then the third color.

I hope you enjoyed all 3 Pom Pom tutorials! Let me know what you think!!