Curiosities in the Home of Polly: This Enchanted Pixie

Polly is a mama of 3 girls, a jewelry designer and blogger living in Wales. I have been following Polly's blog for awhile and I love the way she is so carefree and eclectic. I have yet to see any other blogger out there who isn't afraid to just wear what she loves. My best friend and I joke about looking like we get dressed in the dark but in a GOOD way. I feel like Polly is one of these kindred souls as well. Just wears what she likes regardless of matching or looking perfect. Its a trait not many people posses. She recently started selling more and more items on her shop and had an open house for her jewelry line. This is the best way to start out! Support from local people, family and friends always helps boost the confidence you need to get out into the world and sell your treasures!

I have been wanting to do a reoccurring segment on the curiosities in people's homes. I love going to my friend's houses, especially ones I haven't seen in a long time, or those that are always thrifting and hunting down little bits and bobs. Its like a museum of treasures that people hold dear to their heart. Collected driftwood from a memorable trip, a feather found on a walk, or crystals collected for their unique beauty. It's fun to look through it all!

Being somewhat new to blogging, and making blog friends, its fun for me to be able to get a glimpse into my far away friends homes, and seeing what they collect and treasure. Polly was one of the first people I wanted to ask to do this segment. I am glad she agreed to share with all of us a little bit of her home!

I decided to include a few pictures of her open house table, and the arrangement of the earrings because being a jewelry maker myself, just looking at the jewelry, and the creativity that goes into making the tags, and placing the jewelry is a curiosity in itself. I would love to get a better look into her studio/ workspace! If you don't already follow Polly follow her on: