I was just talking to my dad, who lives in Europe, and we were talking about Ravi Shankar. He said he always wanted a sitar but his parents said no. It got me thinking. I think every guy I have dated has either wanted one or owned one. I have always wanted to play an instrument but I don't think my brain works musically. I have a guitar, and I can play a few songs, but I honestly have no intuitive feeling for working with music. Usually things flow easily for me like with art or writing, cooking, or most creative things, but with music its like so hard. All my life random strangers would tell me I had fingers good for playing piano. I guess I do have unusually long fingers and toes. I tried playing piano and it was one of the few instruments I felt I could flow with, it felt more natural. I look at my guitar sitting in the corner and I feel like one of those girls who has a guitar but can't play it. I feel like my boyfriend has played it more than me. I don't like that. I do also feel like things come easily to me and when something is so hard, I just let it go. I want to make more time to learn to play. My boyfriend picked up a Native American flute when we were at a gem show in Arizona, and I thought I would never be able to play it, but as soon as I picked it up I was hooked. I think I have used it way more than he has. Maybe I should just concentrate on those instruments that speak to me. I want to record music, I have an old 4 track tape recorder, which I kind of like because my car still has a tape player! Mix tapes here I come!

A psychic medium at the shop where I sell my stuff told me I had a lot of musical energy. I almost wanted to laugh because I feel the complete opposite. Everything else she said was spot on so maybe I just have to just unleash this energy from within? I am kind of controlling and rigid sometimes, maybe I need to just go with the ffflloowww..

Well these are just some thoughts that were bubbling up in my mind as I was driving I needed to put them down. I will be doing some shop updates over the weekend or Monday morning. I finally finished the astrology/zodiac bracelets I had been working on and they will be ready for sale in the SHOP!!!