Easy DIY Friendship Bracelets

I love making Christmas presents, but its often quite daunting to make 12+ handmade presents. I always find myself scrambling last minute to finish crocheting a scarf, or making unique wrapping paper. I decided that this year I want to make all my close friends a cool friendship bracelet. I always find things that my friends make extra special even if its colors I normally wouldn't wear, or not my style, because its from them.


3-5 embroidery floss strands
your choice of beads with hole big enough for all 3-5 strands to fit through

Measure about 24 inches worth of each color of floss and cut. Tie a knot about 1.5 inches down from the end. You will need enough loose thread on each end to tie around your wrist.

Take the first color of thread you want to use and wrap it over the entire bundle of strands. 

 Pull the thread under the bundle and through the triangle that forms and pull it tight.

Eventually all the knotting will begin to look like this. 

Alternate colors, making it as long or as short as you want. Add beads in between knotting.

The finished product! Now I want to make a bunch of different kinds, you can add charms, or tassels, pom poms anything you want to make them a little more snazzy...

 The three I have made so far...

You can leave the ends loose, add a tassel like I did on the neon green one, or cut them short. I bet you can even add a real clasp if you just tie a knot through the end of the clasp. Happy bracelet making!!