October Favorites

I have been watching a lot of youtube videos from fashion "vloggers" lately and many of them do favorite products of the month, whether its fashion, beauty products, music or what have you. Watching these videos not only made  me feel somewhat unstylish and lazy with my looks but it inspired me to do a little post of my own on my favorite things this month. Of course my number one is always going to be halloween. I don't have much time to make a costume, and my boyfriends epic costume last year will be hard to beat. (he was a pyramid!) I got bored and decided to dye my hair red earlier this month, so I thought it would fit well with an Angela Chase costume...you know from My So Called Life. Remember that show? Usually I like more elaborate costumes, but this year I will be simple, and comfortable. Considering that halloween is in the middle of the week I probably won't be doing anything to exciting. Well anyway, here is my favorites of the month.

Nail Polish

From left to right: OPI Not Like the Movies, OPI (unlabeled), Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark, Maybelline Color Show in Twilight Rays, and China Glaze in Luxe and Lush

These are my favorite nail polishes for October. I know most of these are from previous collections but I think these colors are my go to fall colors. I absolutely love the deep plum OPI color but the label ripped off and I have no idea what the name is. The glow in the dark nail polish is from 3 years ago, but I am sure they have a newer bottle. I love anything glow in the dark and I wear this any chance I get. You can even wear it under other shades and it still glows! The maybelline color is kind of matte, not very glossy looking even with a clear coat. The metallic pieces are more like flecks than glitter and aren't that shiny. The china glaze polish is a holographic glitter flake. It goes great over any color!

Hair Product

 To be honest I am pretty low maintenace, I don't really own many hair products besides shampoo and conditioner. I let my natural hair grow for about a year before I got bored and decided to dye it red and I used a 30 developer which really damaged my hair. I had to get it done professionally which cost a lot, and it was still pretty unhealthy. I got this at a beauty supply for $20 and after the first use my hair was as soft as a bunny. No really, my hair is never soft and this totally made my hair soft and shiny. I love enjoy products and they are usually really expensive but this instant reconstructor was a really good deal for the brand and the quality at $20.


I am not usually much of a fashion kind of person, I usually throw on any which outfit, even if I am into fashion design and style I don't really dress like it. Sometimes I even wear the same thing a few days in a row. :-/ I have been getting into the habit of buying shoes online. I bought these black Jeffery Campbell Creepers a few months ago and I LOVE them. Everyone looks at me like ew what are those monstrosities but I cant get enough. The leopard fur shoes are just some sneakers I got at payless for $20 but they are my go to sneakers. I just bought these red velvet flatform sneakers from ASOS last week. I love a platform shoe and anything velvet. 


I have been following Geninne Zlatkis's BLOG for a few years now and when I heard her book was coming out I immediately added it to my wish list. It just became available for purchase 2 weeks ago I believe. I ordered it that day on 2 day shipping and I was literally waiting for the mailman everyday and it took a whole week! 2 days. PFT. Well I started making rubber stamps a few years ago also after being inspired by her blog, but I always made little nicks in my design after spending hours carving them. I thought her book might have some tips. It is geared more for beginners but the pictures inside are beautiful and she gives you tons of images to trace to make your own stamps. (I already made the whole mushroom set!!)


 Every time fall comes around I can't wait for pumpkin spice lattes! I used to hate supporting Starbucks and huge corporations but I can't get enough pumpkin lattes. I have tried them everywhere else, and tried making my own syrup (which turned out disgusting), and nothing tastes the same. I spend probably way too much money on these things that can better be spent elsewhere. Does anyone know any good DIY recipes for making pumpkin lattes? If so please share, I need a intervention! AH


 I love candles, but its always hard to find a good scent at a decent price. I usually buy soy wax candles, and I have even made my own but I wanted to find a decent smelling pumpkin/fall scented candle. I was unable to find soy wax ones at a good price, and I stumbled across this one at Target for only $5.99. It smells really nice, and not fake or chemically like many sweet scented candles. I have gotten nauseous smelled candle after candle trying to find the right one. This is a nice balance of scent.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my first Favorites post. Let me know if you like it, what you think and if you would like to see more. :)