The past few days have been kind of rough, love wise, school wise, and i guess life wise. I feel spent emotionally and physically. Its been pretty hard to sleep, and stay asleep for weeks now. I don't remember what its like to feel energized. I used to be pretty healthy, I've always loved raw foods, natural healing foods, but lately I find myself drinking way too much coffee, eating too many treats and not treating my body right.

Today is the new moon and its a time for new beginnings. I haven't been taking the time to relax, unwind, and just stop and appreciate life too much lately. I need to start meditating and doing yoga. I love yoga, and its my way of meditating through moving my body. I am not really one for exercise but I love yoga, riding my bike and running. I never have run for exercise, just for fun, but I love running barefoot. The connection to the earth is so powerful walking & running barefoot. My bike is so out of use I even found a vine growing through the concrete up into the spokes of my wheels. WOW. Now that its fall I guess I will have to go on a lot more bike rides. I really hate exercising in the hot summer weather, in fact its still hot as I am typing this. It rained a few days ago, I was getting ready to wear pants, sweaters, and drink hot tea, but now its forecasted to be 98 degrees later this week. What is with this crazy weather San Diego!? Be fall already!

Today was the start of the giveaway on Roots and Feathers blog, and I had a few people follow my blog, and I found a few new blogs to read! Here are 3 in particular that I had a chance to really look through today.


This blog is definitely flower power. A very hippie, free spirit, surfer vibe. I love all
the happy, bright flower motifs in all her paintings and creations. I am so glad
I found this blog ! Makes me happy looking at all the adventures and crafts.


I found this through a link on moondaughter. I love all her natural
beauty recipes, and yummy food recipes. I  have to try the lavender
coconut milk bath below. Its sounds absolutely amazing!


I don't know how this is the first time I am seeing this blog! Everything I love.
Moon magic, feminine goddess energy, yoga, camping adventures, crystals! Very
inspiring to continue with my yoga path, and magic..and Marissa studies reiki and crystal
healing like me!

With this new moon I want to learn how to slow down, relax, do more yoga, start riding my bike again, eat healthy, take care of my body, connect with my inner goddess, and work more on my jewelry!!