It is now October, and instead of early sunsets, cold crisp afternoon weather, warm blankets and cat snuggles there is a heat wave in southern california. I mean in the 100's! Just a few weeks ago we had record breaking heat of 110 here in San Diego, but I thought the weather had settled, but alas it looks like heat for at least a few more weeks. I remember having to bring sweaters with me as a kid when I trick or treated. It would ruin the look of my costume but it was cold. Will I have to wear shorts and sleeveless top for this halloween!? Yikes

Anyway its been a while in between my posts but I (the genius) decided to take a 7 week fast track course in chemistry, and I am like totally right brained girl who hasn't taken science or math since high school. sigh. It has been taking up waaaayyyy too much of my time studying for that course. But its almost over!

I have had a cute little cat visitor for the past few months, and today I snapped some pictures of her (i think). I have been feeding her a little here and a little there, I don't know if its a stray, but it spends most of its time in my backyard, although I am sure my precious Siamese who wants to claw her eyes out would prefer otherwise. My kitty turns 18 in a few days and she is getting old! But she has the spirit and attitude of a young kitten. She never seems to age. She does nap a little more, but overall she is in amazing health. She is my cat soulmate and I couldnt imagine life without her! I think I might have a cat party complete with chicken cake, cat nip and treats!

I don't know her name but I just call her kitty

At least I can still go swimming in October!

These smell so good!!

Most of my pomegranates were eaten by birds this year so my aunt put up some tinfoil "to scare the birds away" (i dont think its working very well!)

My poor kitty is sitting in the sun in this heat wave but I think this is her trying to show the other kitty whos turf this is. "I get to sit in the chair, and you have to sit on the floor!" -trouble