Watermelon Mojito

Even though I don't drink, I love playing bartender at all my summer bbq's. I especially love making mojitos, like you all know! This time I wanted to share a watermelon mojito recipe. Its really easy to make, and it makes use of the last bit of this summers watermelon crop. Here are the ingredients you will need

For each drink you will need:

- 1.5 ounces of white rum
- The juice of half of a lime (plus some for garnish)
- Apx 2 spoonfulls of simple syrup
- 5-6 mint leaves
- a few chunks of watermelon
- watermelon juice
- a splash of soda water

First make the watermelon juice. Fill your blender to the brim with watermelon and blend!

Its going to be very pulpy so you will need to strain the juice. Strain it into a pretty container if your guests are making it themselves, or if you will be displaying ingredients, otherwise any bowl will do. But its easier if you put it into a pitcher for easy pouring.

After straining, your watermelon juice should look like this:


Now in a jar, or glass of your chosing, add the lemon slices, the lemon juice, mint and a few chunks of watermelon, and muddle them slightly to release the mint oils.


Add the rum & simple syrup

Then the watermelon juice

Add ice, and top off with soda water

Now its ready to drink!!!