Today was a stressful day. I wanted to take some pictures for Sorcery and work on some jewelry but most of my day was spent on the verge of tears trying to study for chemistry. I got an A on the first test but now I feel like I am totally lost and I have yet to do any of the homework for tomorrow because I have no idea what is going on. So frustrating.

I went outside to enjoy a bit of the last sunlight of the day when I noticed a butterfly lying inside a flower bush. I poked it to see if it was alive. Its wings were halfway closed and it wasn't moving. I felt a bit sad touching this delicate dead little creature, but it occured to me that I wanted to perserve it. I always wished butterflies would land on me when i see them flying around, and now to see one dead upclose like this made me want to keep it somehow. I ran upstairs and found a article on how to pin a butterfly. Perfect! How To Pin A Butterfly

Here are some pictures of my attempt to pin the beautiful dead winged creature: