I've been meaning to post some pictures of my wooden spoon oil treatment I did a few weeks ago. My mom has a large collection of wooden spoons and I noticed all of them looked dry, flaky, and one had even cracked right in the middle. I searched everywhere for recipes for conditioning them, and many people suggested, beeswax, mineral oil, or a combination. Apparently other types of more natural oils like olive oil go rancid. So after doing a lot of research online I found that walnut oil can be used to condition your wooden spoons. I guess when walnut oil hits the air it "polymerizes" and cannot go rancid.

I bought a bottle of this walnut oil at my local market for about $6-7 dollars. All I used was sandpaper, a clean rag, and walnut oil.

Before you start to oil your spoons, check your spoons for any burrs. Most of my spoons had lots of burr type wood fluff. It may be tedious, and you may want to get right to oiling your parched spoons, but make sure to thoroughly sand off all the burrs.

Place a generous amount of oil onto a clean rag, old t-shirt, or any small bit of cloth you may have. Rub it into every crevice making sure to cover every inch of the spoon. Don't worry if it looks super greasy, you will be rubbing off extra.

This is what it will look like after oiling. Oil all spoons, and let it soak in overnight if you can. Then wipe off excess oil and buff it with a clean rag.

This is what your newly hydrated, oiled spoons will look like! Such an improvement, and it helps lengthen the life of your beautiful wooden utensils!