I love making use of summer fruits, and all the herbs, and citrus fruits I have in my backyard. So during summertime, I love making blueberry mojitos, watermelon mojitos... Since I don't drink I started making myself non-alcoholic blueberry mojitos when I would have people over, and just left the rum out of my drink. So I decided to do a short tutorial on how to make a "blueberry spritzer".

You will also need

- a shaker
- a muddler (i dont have one so i used a wooden spoon)
- sparkling water of your choice

 put a handful of blueberries into the shaker (more if you want a more vibrant blueberry taste)

 Add about 10 mint leaves, more or less depending on how much you like the taste, but 10 should be perfect. My friend who is a bartender told me that to extract even more flavor and expose more of the mint oil to put the mint in the palm of your left hand then firmly clap the right hand over the left to bruise the mint. Put these leaves into the shaker.

 Cut a lemon in half, and slice off a 1/8 segment for decoration for your glass.

 Squeeze the remaining half of the lemon into the shaker

 Pour in the agave nectar

 Garnish your glass with the lemon slice, a few blueberries and a small spring of mint

 Crush up all the ingredients with your muddler or wooden spoon until their are no whole blueberries and there is a bit of juice forming

 Add ice to your shaker and....

Keep shaking for about 45 might not look like a lot of juice but there will be enough do not fret

 Pour the blueberry mixture in your glass. If the shaker gets clogged, and not much liquid is coming out simply turn it right side up, shake it up a bit and turn it so it comes out a different side of the shaker.

 Add some ice (i didnt take a picture whoops)
Then fill the remainder of the glass with your choice of sparkling water or soda water

Go outside, enjoy the summer sun and enjoy your delicious new beverage!!!